We are a mission driven, business partnership, and leadership organization.  Our most valuable resource is Our Team, and our professional line up will grow your business.

Mission Driven

Creating Value Chains of Success for IT Entrepenuers


Linked NC commits to curating a positive developer mentorship community that allows for developers to expand their experiences and advance their careers.


Dedication to entrepenuership principles focuses our attention on helping entrepenuers discover partnerships, reach their goals, and create new value in our society.


Community partners can help us bridge the gap between ideation and success as we work to create synergies in each of our communities.


We promote developers looking for new jobs and career change with access to job placement opportunities.

Grow your IT Startup with us

We know that sharing experience helps entrepenuers to make value-add decisions for their companies with confidence.  Our team includes members who have seen the ins and outs of IT related industry and can help build early stage resilience against failure  and fatigue.

Our experienced mentors can provide pivotal guidance to help develop your ideas into strategies that grows your business.  Many of our mentors have gone through the motions from ideation to commerical viability on several occasions, allowing for consistent transfers of tactical knowledge tied to results.

We provide activation energy for early stage startups to begin their venture into growth.  We believe in the incredible value of entreprenuership and we strive to enable new leaders to discover innovation pathways with insight and poise.  

We are leaders

Sharing Value

Pragmatic Mentorship

Our community mentors provide pragmatic guidance around core competencies.  Our leadership team is packed with entrepenuers who have seen the ins and outs of business.

Future Change and Disruption

We have a bold vision and seek to change the industry. We target the future by supporting the startup and developer communities newest members

Developer Bootcamps

Developer mentorship at it's finest. Direct hands on experience with expert mentorship and guidance leadign to the creation of real world assets on a real world startup project.

Startup Incubator

We provide a our startup success classes where startups can accelerate their time to market by bridging the gap between ideation and minimal viable product.

Startup Outreach

Let's begin our journey

Join our Business Partnership Network

General Consulting

Consulting opportunities targeted towards SME business consulting, project based consulting/management, and new development.

Job Placement

We welcome job placement partnerships to extend opportunities in fulfillment of our developer community commitments 

Brand Management

We welcome providers of specialized brand management solutions for our entrepenuer network

Classes and Bootcamps

Help us source classes and bootcamps targeted for early stage growth and leadership building.

Managed Services

Let's build manage service partnerships with entrepenuers and scale businesses.

Startup Incubator

Our Startup Incubator program is a partnership building program that allows new startups to participate in an ideation to prototype and MVP milestones program.

Partnership Outreach

Contact us to start building a partnership with Linked NC's Entrepenuership Network


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Phone: +1  919 500 6760 

Operating Hours

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